The greatest form of appreciation is contribution.

A few years ago we noticed that the world was moving, and we started to expect more from everything. The analogue world is going digital at an increasing rate. However, in the industry that we loved the most, lighting design, it hasn’t happened at the rate it deserves. Battery technology is getting better by the day, light quality from low power diodes are getting excellent and wireless communication is firmly established. So why haven’t we seen these leaps reflected in the products available to us? That was our thought exactly.

When the people at the top aren’t challenged, innovation quickly comes to a halt.

The lighting industry has been a slow moving creature for decades, and it is ripe for a change. That is why we are here. By looking at the products in a new way, with as much focus on the core technology and engineering as on the design itself, we believe that it’s possible to not only bring a new design to market, but to change how people actually use light to shape their lives.

Sustainability requires change.

Did you know that candles and tea lights are a driver of deforestation, pollutes the air and needs to be collected to be recycled? If a restaurant that uses tea light candles switches to our wireless lamps, the environmental impact of manufacturing is made up for in 12 charges. After that it’s a net positive every day. On top of that, our lamps are, despite their wireless capabilities and superior light quality, using less power than almost anything else out there. And this is only the beginning, as we are dedicated to prioritize sustainability in any way we can to leave the world behind a better place than we came in.

Become a part of the wireless revolution

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