SC No1
1. Hardware button
2. Charging connector
3. Restart button
Controlling the lamp using the hardware button
The button on the foot of the lamp ( 1 ) can be used to control the lamp for various tasks:
Quick press - toggle between 5 different levels of brightness
1 to 5 second press - set dim level to 0%
5 to 10 second press - “sleep mode”, wireless connection turned off
10+ second press - removes your lamp’s paired devices and resets the device to factory settings
Only use the restart pinhole button ( 3 ) in case your device freezes.
Control wirelessly from your phone
1. Download our app “Studio Carnon” from the app store.
2. Turn on your lamp using the button on the foot of the lamp
3. Connect your phone with your lamp, follow the instructions in the app
4. Use the on screen settings to control your lamp(s)
Recharging your lamp

Safety information


Handle with care

Our products contain sensitive electronics including batteries as well as other fragile components. Always make sure the lamp is standing on a stable surface. Dropping the lamp may result in a broken lamp and/or glass which can cause injury. Disassembly will void the warranty. Never keep or use in temperatures below 10°C or above 50°C. For indoor use only, keep away from water. The light source of the luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end of life the whole luminaire shall be replaced.

Battery and charging

Charge using the cable included with your lamp or any official replacement only. Use with a DC 5V 2A or DC 5V 1A power supply that is compliant with country regulations and regional and international safety standards, including the International Standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment (IEC 60950-1). Using adapters that do not meet these safety standards may cause injury or death. Do not attempt to replace the batteries manually, you could damage the batteries which may lead to injury.



Använd varsamt

Våra produkter innehåller ömtåliga delar, inklusive batterier och glas, som kan orsaka skada vid felaktig hantering eller om enheten går sönder. Se alltid till att lampan står på en stabil yta. Har du öppnat enheten så gäller ej längre garantin. Lampan får ej förvaras i temperaturer under 10°C eller över 50°C. För inomhusanvändning enbart. Håll borta från vatten.

Batterier och laddning

Ladda enbart med medföljande kabel eller officiell ersättare. Använd endast med inkluderad väggadapter alternativt motsvarande DC 5V 2A eller DC 5V 1A adapter som möter samtliga nationella samt internationella standarder, inklusive “International Standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment” (IEC 60950-1). Användning av icke godkända laddare kan medföra livsfara. Försök ej byta batterier själv.

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